Our Clients

What our clients say...

Glimpso HK Company Limited

"I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to Ms. Sue.  Her response is always efficient, with good manner and well follow up for my requests. Even finally she found out that the South Africa visa has to be done by the applicant in person.  She still helps to forward me all application details to save my time.  I am very happy to work with Sue."

Janus Lue - Executive Assistant.


Collective Brands (Payless)

"Over the past 12 months I have been dealing with Sandy regarding travel. To be honest, she is the only person I ever want to deal with. She is so efficient, ever so accommodating and indeed accurate in all her work. You sir have a star there that I hope will be appreciated for her hard work. Many thanks to you and your company for the outstanding service via Sandy."

Richard Turner - Operations Director SE Asia - PLG.


Affiliated Managers Group (HK) Limited

"Oooiiii… every time I got tickets, the next minutes I saw u looking for $$$$$ ah… hahahaa !!!! One thing, I tell u, u r GREAT !!  Super efficient, mega knowledgeable !! Without u these last two days I will be at a lost. THANK YOU Madam !!!"

Rowena Pang - Office Manager.


General Atlantic

"I just want to share a good feedback from Silky Wong (booker from General Atlantic). I have called her just now, she commented that both Candy and our Nightshift colleagues are very helpful. Thank you all for your great effort."



Olympus Capital Holdings Asia

"I had recently received too many specific report from my colleagues in the services that Yvonne has been providing to our team - - She is working extremely hard and paying good attention to details! Our team is extremely happy with her works and grateful to the extra times she's spent on the very complicated and time sensitive requests that we may have to handle for our travellers recently.  We had been getting her emails at very late hours at night even though we did not request her to particularly do it but planned to only ask your night shift staffs for help.  On one occasion, her natural reaction and following through with hotels in protecting our right as a consumer has also impressed me. Generally, her ability to pick up specific needs and preferences from each travellers for a new account in only a few months has impressed us all and we are just writing to express our thanks.  Please make sure you guys treat her nicely!  We would like to be able to get her help for a longer while : )"

Pepple Pang.


Gerson Lehrman Group (Asia) Limited

"Many thanks to you and your team for all your help this week. I know it was a difficult one and we greatly appreciate your effort."

Minh & Sooly.


One of our Leisure trip for our Corporate customer

"I had a wonderful time in New Zealand. Thank you for your dedicated and excellent service. It made the trip the magnificent experience it was. Keep up the great service."




"Just wanted to take this to say thank you for your hard work!! You have always been so helpful, reliable and a wonderful person to work with :-)."

Angela Lee.


W.L. Gore & Associates (HK) Ltd

"Sandra Sanders and Vivian Lee from our legal team would like to thank you Sandy for providing fast and proactive support to their team regarding the US trips. Vivian especially pleased by Sandy's kindness and caring when she gave her a gentle reminder on the passport expiry date which she provided in her profile."

Joanna Sun.


Dyson Singapore Pte Limited

"Thank you for your providing of high quality service and professional advice at all times! Appreciate all your help and great performance!"

Pauline Wong.


Bacardi-Martini Asia Pacific Ltd

"Much appreciated! At least we've booked something what's Thomas needs, I am sure heill be definitely happy to have below. Thanks for offering your speedy and accurately response always. Your service delivered to us is truly appreciated. Please keep it up! Thank you!"

Gladys Tong.