Tips to save money on travel - Risk of making no change

White Papers 31 Mar 2016

Forget cost of change – consider the risks of not changing – what are you missing out on?

The energy and resources industry may be flat but advancements in travel management keep going at tremendous pace. Take advantage of the enhancements available and improve the financial security of your business by reducing costs across your business through both finding ways to find lower rates, and improving productivity out of a reduced workforce.

For example:

1. Integration of low cost booking channels such as Expedia into consolidated single online booking channels
Benefit: Secure lower rates and increase productivity by eliminating the need for your travellers and travel bookers to spend time searching multiple booking channels

2. Enable your travellers to book their own domestic travel rather than having to go through central travel bookers. Use a “locked down” travel policy to ensure they are booking the lowest logical options and simply unable to book outside of policy
Benefit: Improved productivity by eliminating the “to and fro” between traveller and travel booker when constructing an itinerary.

3. You can now makes changes to your travel yourself online eliminating the need to call the airline or your travel agent
Benefit: Fees are lower when you make the changes yourself online and improve productivity through instant facilitation and obtaining immediate confirmation of change

4. Outsource your charter booking to the TMC
Benefits: Remove fixed cost in your business and redeploy limited resources. Save time by consolidating booking channels (one contact rather than multiple) and produce a single itinerary

5. Low fare finder. FCm provides the technology to enable you to keep looking for lower fares even after bookings have been ticketed.
Benefit: Save money you have never been able to on international itineraries. Savings can be worth thousands of dollars on a single itinerary.