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White Papers 07 Nov 2018

The move to a mobile world came in tandem with a move to a self-service world in which travellers can book travel and communicate directly with travel suppliers to better manage their trips. “Today mobile is the most frequently used device for almost all of us. This means that mobile must be seen as a primary platform to be used for booking, changing and managing trips,” says Scott Davies, Chief Executive Officer of ITM. However, many companies restrict the apps employees can download to their work mobiles, necessitating the use of downloading some apps to their personal phones. Companies have the very real prospect of disengaged travellers, greater travel policy non-compliance and thus missed savings.

The biggest opportunities of implementing a mobile strategy, according to GBTA:

  • 78% increased traveller engagement
  • 43% reduced off-programme bookings
  • 55% increased compliance
  • 34% lower transaction costs

However, as high as 69% of companies had not implemented a mobile travel strategy into their travel programme, according to a 2016 GBTA Foundation survey.

Is your business ready for the increasingly self-service driven world?


Building a mobile strategy for your corporate travel programme Whitepaper Cover

Mobile apps go only part of the way to solving the issue. A mobile strategy should be all-embracing over the mobile space with the goal of integrating it with the travel policy to help make the traveller experience seamless.

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