Increased security screening at Domestic and International Airports across Australia

Travel News 02 Aug 2017

The Australian Government has introduced additional aviation security measures at international and domestic terminals at Australia's major airports, following the discovery of an alleged terror plot involving a plane.

Both domestic and international travellers should expect to experience an increased level of security scrutiny at the airport. 

FCM Travel Solutions advises that:

  • Domestic travellers should arrive at the airport two hours before domestic flights.
  • International travellers should arrive at the airport three hours before international flights to allow ample time for screening.

Travellers can assist the process by:

  • Reducing the amount of carry-on luggage on board. Please note, there are no changes to the amount permitted by the airlines.
  • Ensuring you are ready for security with pockets empty, laptops out and shoes off.
  • Making sure your electronic devices are charged enough that they can be powered up if requested by security.
  • Adjusting your travel arrangements to fly in non-peak periods.
  • Being patient and compliant with the officials managing the security.

For more information or assistance please contact your FCM Travel Consultant.